My name is Katarina Boehmova, I am a designer based in Slovakia. I work for ux agency Lighting Beetle*. I do visual design, UX research and dig into WCAG topics - Sensory perception and digital design (sk).

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2013-... senior visual designer at Lighting Beetle*

2021-... Anthropologica Slovaca Journal - visual designer

2019-... Slovak Association for Social Anthropology - member of council

2008-... print graphic design and webdesign for various companies


2008-2013 master of Social anthropology - Social factors of visual taste, Mental representations of space and spatial behaviour

2017 course eHealth: More than just an electronic record (at coursera by University of Sydney)

2016 course KleHealthx: eHealth - opportunities and challenges (at edx by Karolinska Institutet)

2016 course eHealth: Combining psychology, technology and health (at FutureLearn by University of Twente)

Latest works

UX & UI for eHealth and medical projects: adherence monitoring system for type 2 diabetes, hexavalent vaccines advisor app, insurance companies webpages, client zones, design systems, Rx and OTC medications delivery system for pharmacy chain, visual design of some webpages: psychotherapist Filip Rumann hybadlo.eu, proposals of a page for the centre for folk art production, page for gas trade company + their foundation page, print: covers for an anthropological monography about covid-19, other: Antropologica Slovaca Journal

Medications delivery portal

Dr. Max pharmacy chain

This website is a service of the pharmacy chain Dr. Max. It allows patients to reserve prescription drugs online. The website will find patient's medication and the patient will choose where he wants to pick it up. The drugs will be reserved for them. It is a convenient way for patients to ensure that they have the medication they need when they need it.

I worked on preliminary research, wireframing and visual design - together with my colleagues at Lighting Beetle.


Koronavírus na Slovensku a vo svete

Martin Kanovský

Koronavírus na Slovensku a vo svete is a book that examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was written by Martin Kanovský, a social anthropologist at the Comenius University in Bratislava. The book is based on a research project that was conducted during the pandemic. It was published by Slovak Association for Social Anthropology.

I created a cover for this book. There were more proposals, the author chose different one than the one presented here.