hi! my name is katarina boehmova. I am a designer based in slovakia. currently I work for ux agency lighting beetle*︎︎︎ in bratislava. I am profficient in ux research and testing, data analysis and visual design. I love digging deep into the problems, recently in sensory perception and digital design (sk)︎︎︎

    feel free to drop me a line on messenger︎︎︎. we can talk about design, anthropology, basses, art.. or life issues and stories in general,.. well, almost anything.



    ︎︎︎ senior visual designer at lighting beetle* since 2013
   ︎︎︎ before: print graphic design and webdesign for various companies since 2008


    ︎︎︎ 2008-2013 master of social anthropology, comenius university, slovakia. theses: 1. social factors of visual taste, 2. mental representations of space and spatial behaviour

@lighting beetle* studio, commissions & pro bono

    ︎︎︎ last 5-6 years: research, UX & UI for ehealth/medical projects: e.g. adherence monitoring system for type 2 diebetes, hexavalent vaccines advisor app, insurance companies webpages, systems behind their processes and internal intranets, client zones, design systems, rx and otc medications delivery system for pharmacy chain ....
    ︎︎︎ visual design of some webpages: psychotherapist filip rumann hybadlo.eu︎︎︎, proposals of a page for the centre for folk art production, page for gas trade company + foundation page
    ︎︎︎ print: covers for an anthropological monography about covid-19

anthropologica slovaca journal

action cards for workshops about design process

covers for anthropological monography about covid-19

visual design for psychoterapist hybadlo.eu︎︎︎
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